Getting down to business

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
My journey to only going to the supermarket every two months began with toilet paper – so classy.

Start simple
Looking at my shopping habits, I realised there were some easy swaps that I could make which will have a big impact.

The supermarket is packed with so many different product options, it’s hard to know where to start.

Choosing the right option is personal, but here are my thoughts on what to look out for when it comes to care for your derriere:

  1. Double length: Half the packaging, half the transport, and generally a lot cheaper per sheet.
  2. Recycled: Don’t worry, it’s not recycled from used toilet paper. Means that no virgin (ha ha) pulp has been used.
  3. Unbleached/unscented: Less chemicals which is better for our water and our bits.
  4. FSC approved: An international accreditation ensuring the responsible sourcing of wood pulp.
  5. Country of origin: Closer to home means less transport and NZ made supports our local economy.
  6. Packaging: I will normally try to choose paper over plastic.

The results are in:
I went for double length, recycled which has not been re-bleached.
Whilst it comes in a plastic packaging, double length reduces the amount.

I’ve stocked up on enough to last us three months – a buffer has been included for when the kids free wheel the roll and fill up the toilet bowl.

Simple change – big impact (less shopping)


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