The things we don't do...

Welcome to big little change #3
I love that the power of change can be in the things that we don't do. Reducing our impact can be as simple as becoming conscious of our habits and stopping the ones that aren't cutting it...

Next steps

This is a super easy change to make - but sometimes it can be a bit niggly trying to remember to say 'no' when you're out and about. Mention it to your family, or your flatmates, or text your friend that you're always going to a cafe with. The more of you thinking about this the more likely it is that you'll remember to say no to the extra waste next time you're ordering a delicious buttery scone or a cheeky cocktail.

If you're keen to find out more, check out:
Takeaway Throwaways: A NZ campaign calling on the Government to ban single-use disposable food and drink serviceware containing plastic.


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