It's all in the set up...

Welcome to big little change #2
It can be really easy to overthink sustainability - but sometimes it's the simplest things that can have the biggest impact.  Today's video is all about a simple switch you can make which only takes a few minutes to set up, but will make a really big difference to your household waste.

Next steps

You don't need to wait to go out and buy the right containers to get started, just use what you already have. Ice cream or takeaway containers will work great, or even a cardboard box will cut it for a while.
Go and set it up now, and let other people in your house know what it's all about. They may roll their eyes at you, but reward them with a delicious smoothie made from the leftovers and I reckon they'll be converted!

If you're keen to find out more, check out:
Love Food Hate Waste: An awesome website jammed full with more ideas to reduce your food waste.
Just Eat It
: A great documentary about the global challenge of food waste.


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