My favourite switch...

Welcome to big little change #1
I get it - you want to live a bit more lightly on the planet, but you're already juggling the mother-lode of life. Changing your habits feels like it's going to be a bit of a mission and something that you really don't have time for - you're already wondering why you signed up for this email series... But don't worry, I've got your back. I'm kick-starting you with my all time favourite switch. One that I promise will reduce your impact as well as save you time. You're welcome!

Next steps

Wash your clothes less - who knew saving the planet could be so easy!?!
Next time you go to throw something in the washing pile just take a second and see if that's really where it needs to go.
If you find you're still defaulting to throwing things in the laundry basket because it feels like the easiest thing to do, maybe have your spot cleaning gear or a few coat hangers at the ready. Change the way things are set up so that the good behaviour is the easiest thing to do. It seems silly, but us humans are not always overly rational and we tend to default to the path of least resistance - we need to make things easy.
So go forth and do less!

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